About me

Hi and thanks for taking time to find out more about me.

If you are just looking for a way to contact me please send me an email to xiaohouzi79 at google mail. Or on Twitter at @tim_radnidge

I am a web developer in Sydney Australia. I have been working in IT for approximately 10 years. I started out working for Apple, repairing hardware and developing Filemaker databases after which I ran my own business for two years also servicing the Apple (mainly advertising, architecture and schools) industry and also doing network cabling.

After business dropped off I attended university to finally get my degree and then decided to head off down the web development path, there being a large demand for web skills in Australia.

I did several volunteer development positions to get some work experience and get my foot in the door and then finally landed my first part time job developing web applications with Zend Framework.

I have worked in several positions since then and currently working as a Senior Web Developer with Janssen-Cilag the pharma arm of Johnson & Johnson. Work is about a 5 minute drive away from my home which is very convenient having to collect my son after work each day (see my twitter photo).

I have a passion for reading well written IT blogs and I hope some of that also rubs of on my own writing. I also love php, jQuery and anything else that is awesome + open source/free (the best combination). I also speak, read and write fluent Chinese thanks to my lovely wife.

I hope you enjoy my writing, please leave many nice comments.