What's in the jQuery 1.4 release

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Well it's almost here. Just a couple of more sleeps and the official release of jQuery 1.4 is going to happen. I previously posted about what was expected to be included in jQuery 1.4. This post looks at the events surrounding the release and what has been included in jQuery 1.4.

To begin with you will want to head over to this site: this official site set up to celebrate the release of jQuery 1.4. It's going to have all the announcements and allows you to subscribe via RSS, email or Twitter @jquery so you won't miss a thing. The site is called 'The 14 Days of jQuery' (plus the two extra days they snuck on the front). you will notice a bunch of links towards the bottom of the site A,B,1,2 etc... which will show you each of the announcements for each day.

At the time of this post day A and B have already passed and there has already been some exciting goodies revealed. To start off with there has been a complete rewrite of the API and it looks awesome (see screenshot below). The API rewrite was done courtesty of Karl Swedberg in the process of writing the next version of the jQuery reference guide; it was so good they decided to turn his work into the new API site. So head on over to api.jquery.com, which is filled with all new examples and much more detail.

Even better, the new API even includes a section New or Changed in 1.4 so you don't need to go digging around in the API to find out. One thing I did notice, this page didn't mention the changes to live() which are one of the most talked about changes, but when I browsed the API to .live() it did mention that it has been changed for 1.4. Quote: "As of jQuery 1.4, the .live() method supports custom events as well as all JavaScript events." So I guess they will be updating that later. Which means there must be some more jQuery awesomeness hidden elsewhere that is not included in the New or Changed section so far.

Now if you are in hot anticipitation of the next release the fun doesn't stop here... If you can't wait till the actual release day, jQuery have released jQuery 1.4rc1 the first release candidate which will become the actual release some point in the next 48 hours. So you can get your hands on the almost complete jQuery 1.4 now and start using it in your projects today. Please note, if you come across any inconsitencies or errors while use the release candidate (or the final release) please head on over to jquery-dev and report the issues your having.

According to the site: "The final release (along with the full changelog) will occur this Thursday, on January 14th, coinciding with jQuery’s 4th birthday.". So we don't have long to wait.

The last piece of good news is that they are giving away free ebooks to any who makes a tax-deductable(please refer to your own countries tax laws, I don't know if this applies outside of the US) donation of US $20 or more. Go to the donation page to make your donation and recieve your bonus eBook. The jQuery Project is a non-profit, open source effort, supported by donations and contributions from developers, supporters and professional organizations. Your contributions help fund the continued rapid development and growth of jQuery and the jQuery community.

The jQuery 1.4 release gaurantees to be a killer, with major speed improvements and new functionality. I'm looking forward to the next 14 days. I also want to say a happy birthday to jQuery and many more to come. And a big thankyou to the developers who have made a tireless effort to get this release out on time.
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