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Friday, 13 November 2009

It's always nice to get surprises and yesterday I got three in the form of three jQuery podcasts. I wasn't even aware that they were coming and yesterday by sheer luck I came across one after the other. The three podcasts I'm referring to are yayQuery, the official jQuery podcast and Remy Sharp's jQuery (click on the iTunes podcast link) podcasts.

I haven't had a chance to listen to Remy Sharp's podcasts yet, but the two that I did hear were a special treat. Remy's has several podcasts already up his sleeve, but the other two only just started this week and are well worth the listen.

yayQuery is an informal discussion with four top class jQuery developers who chat about some of their own ideas and what they see going on around using jQuery. These guys spend a lot of time in the IRC channel and are quite in touch with those people who use jQuery the most. The end of the podcast has a nice surprise, well worth watching.

Picture of the yayQuery podcast

The official jQuery podcast will have a regular guest each week, this week was John Resig who talked further about jQuery in mobile phones, the jQuery project and more about the upcoming 1.4 release. At the end of the show the guys went over some of their favourite jQuery plug-ins and add-ons that were released in the past couple of weeks, so work hard and maybe you can get a mention.

Next week (18th of Nov) they will have Richard D Worth from the jQuery UI development team. If you have a chance you can catch the live stream from here. Alternatively you will need to wait till U.S. Friday morning when they put the edited cast on line. You can subscrive via feedburner here or search on iTunes to subscribe via iTunes.

If you can get the chance it may be preferable to listen live to the jQuery podcast as you can also participate in the online chat. USTREAM allows you to chat and use twitter while listening to the cast, its a good chance to ask a question. At the end of this weeks show John went over some of the questions asked in the chatroom at the end of the podcast so it's worthwhile sticking around.

The best part of both podcasts was getting an insight into some of the parts of jQuery that I haven't used in detail and hearing from the pros some best practices. yayQuery and the official podcast are different enough to be worthwhile to have and listen to both, so take time to check them out and you might prefer one over the other or both.


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