jQuery multi-tiered drop-up menu

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

This post provides a working example of the drop-up version of the jQuery Superfish drop-down menu plugin. A cross browser multi-tiered menu plugin that has many great features; it looks great and works great and was designed by fellow Aussie Joel Birch.

Drop-up functionality works similar to drop-down functionality except that it works from the bottom up and menu options are placed at the bottom of the screen or element rather than at the top of the page or element.

You can view an example of the drop-up functionality here.

You can download the working code here.

You can visit the original Superfish site. Where you can view working examples and documentation of the original and also download the original code.

Superfish easily takes an multi-tiered unordered list and using CSS and jQuery generates a nice looking menu that can easily be styled to your liking.

The solution was discovered when I was looking for similar functionality for myself. I haven't found a similar solution yet that looks as good and works across all the major browsers.

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