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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Thank God for the open source community and those people who are willing to give up their time to produce top quality goods for us all to share. In this post I have a whole bunch of top quality free (as in read the license before you use them) icon sets for your personal and commercial sites.

Why is important to have a post that provides icons for commercial use? Besides being handy to have your own pool of quality icons that you can use on any site, many developers start out working on small commercial projects and it's hard to come across a range of good quality icons. Sets such as FAMFAMFAM pop up all over the web and it was the first free icon set I ever worked with and it's still used in many projects today.

I don't want to provide you with links to sites with hundreds of sets where you have to wade through to find anything decent and I don't want to provide you with "80 free icon sets for commercial and personal use" where most of the sets only have 5 icons or only two out of eighty sets can be used in commrecial projects. Folks, this is the good stuff; five sets of icons with no less than 100 icons in each.

In order to share the love, I have provided a link to the actual site where the icons reside not just a direct download link. These people have taken there time to design some top quality icons for us all to use so take the time to have a look around while you are there.

Note: licenses change, please read (and obey) the license of each set at the time of download

FAMFAMFAM Silk Icons 700+ icons

A collection of over 700 16x16 icons in .png format.
This collection is great for CMS and dashboard sites or anywhere requiring several smaller sized controls.

Download and license information here

License: Creative Commons Attribution

Min Tran's Bright! iconset 148 icons

Bright has a various assortment of large icons that are useful for any web site.
Contains a number of music related and control icons.

Download and license information here

License: Custom - permits personal and commercial Function Icon Set 128 icons

The Function icon set is set of glossy icons that features bright colours and high detail.
Included in the set are a large number of social networking icons including twitter, RSS and digg.
Also noteworthy is the inclusion of credit card and paypal icons.

Download and license information here

License: From the author: "basically my licence is 'do what you want with em' as long as you don’t re-distribute them without linking to this page"

WooFunction Icon Set 178 icons

The WooFunction Icon Set includes 178 amazing web-related icons in a sophisticated and glossy design style. All 178 icons are available as 32×32 pixel PNG files.
These icons are quite useful if you are wanting to design an e-commerce site or any site that has a lot of add-remove-update functionality.

Download and license information here

License: GNU GPL (doesn't mention which version) Crystal Project 1300 icons in different sizes

This is one of my favourite icon sets. The quality is awesome.
Considering the large number of icons here, there are a million uses.

Download and license information here

License: GNU LGPL

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