Browsing your subversion repository

Monday, 29 June 2009

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One of the awesome things about working in this great industry is you get to learn new things all the time. Quite often I find out about things that have been around for a while that are so helpful and easy to use I wonder why I didn't find out about them earlier.

In most of the previous places I've worked at I've had the privilege of using trac. Unfortunately in my current environment it's not as easy as simply making the decision and installing new applications; permission has to be sought from above and the choice has to be scrutinised. I guess that's one of the reasons I haven't needed to look in to getting a repository browser previously.

We are currently have a subversion repository and using Tortoise to check in and out. So I was looking round for the best option to be able to quickly browse through the files (in multiple applications) and even better if I could find something that does the syntax highlighting and side-by-side comparisons that trac does. I never thought the answer would be right under my nose.

The solution I found was websvn another Tigris solution. It was so easy to install I had it working within 10 minutes. After downloading the files and placing them in your preferred directory, make sure you have set the correct permissions on folders otherwise you may get a bunch of different errors. Then set correct permissions on the /lib/geshi folder so that your syntax highlighting will work properly and the final step is to set up the config file to point to your different svn repositories (there are many different options here so best to RTFM, but it's easy enough).

Make sure you have set up your web server to point to the directory with the index.php (it had to be said!) and away you go!

Websvn has side-by-side, syntax highlighting, blame and a kick-ass RSS feed so you can receive all the check-in updates via RSS.