jQuery - Select elements - tips and tricks

Friday, 13 March 2009

I'm going to go over some useful things that you can use jQuery for to maniuplate and retrieve values from a form select element.

I won't be providing complete examples, but these should be straight forward enough for you to build a test page and cut and paste whatever is appropriate.

I have had several pages that I have used to find answers to common questions that keep recurring and I thought it would be good to stick everything here.

If there is anything missing that you would like to see added to this list just add it to the comments.

Please check out my latest post here where you can download a cheat sheet that contains the examples below as well as many others.

// Add options to the end of a select
$("#myselect").append("<option value='1'>Apples</option>");
$("#myselect").append("<option value='2'>After Apples</option>");

// Add options to the start of a select
$("#myselect").prepend("<option value='0'>Before Apples</option>");

// Replace all the options with new options
$("#myselect").html("<option value='1'>Some oranges</option><option value='2'>More Oranges</option><option value='3'>Even more oranges</option>");

// Replace items at a certain index
$("#myselect option:eq(1)").replaceWith("<option value='2'>Some apples</option>");
$("#myselect option:eq(2)").replaceWith("<option value='3'>Some bananas</option>");

// Set the element at index 2 to be selected
$("#myselect option:eq(2)").attr("selected", "selected");

// Set the selected element by text
$("#myselect").val("Some oranges").attr("selected", "selected");

// Set the selected element by value

// Remove an item at a particular index
$("#myselect option:eq(0)").remove();

// Remove first item
$("#myselect option:first").remove();

// Remove last item
$("#myselect option:last").remove();

// Get the text of the selected item
alert($("#myselect option:selected").text());

// Get the value of the selected item
alert($("#myselect option:selected").val());

// Get the index of the selected item
alert($("#myselect option").index($("#myselect option:selected")));

// Alternative way to get the selected item
alert($("#myselect option:selected").prevAll().size());

// Insert an item in after a particular position
$("#myselect option:eq(0)").after("<option value='4'>Some pears</option>");

// Insert an item in before a particular position
$("#myselect option:eq(3)").before("<option value='5'>Some apricots</option>");

// Getting values when item is selected
$("#myselect").change(function() {
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